How to Ace an Interview

Each job-seeker knows that he has not much time to make a positive impression
during an interview. They also know that the best way to focus on starting an online business in Nigeria, read is to have a job that would satisfy their basic needs. At average, the interview takes 10-15 minutes. So what
should you do to make a positive impression on a future employer in such a short
time? Here are some tips:

Be for the interview on time
Try to come to the interview earlier, e.g., half an hour earlier. This time will help you
to stay calm if you suddenly get into a traffic jam.

If you come early, use your free time wisely. Go over your resume, go to the
bathroom, and consider the answers to standard questions. Make sure that your
phone is switched off. Come into the office for five minutes before the interview in
order to show that you are punctual.

Prepare more additional documents
Do not come to the interview with empty hands. Bring a few extra copies of
resumes, references from previous employers.
You should also have a notebook and a pen for the interview. We recommend to
take key points about the job, position and the company.

Contact is important
Small talk before the interview is the best way to set a direct contact with future
employer. Say a few words about the weather or traffic, avoid sensitive topics and
stupid jokes.

Take stock of the situation
While sitting in the room try to take stock of the situation. Photos, certificates,
memos which are hanging on the walls may say a lot about the future employer.

You can, by chance, say, for example, that you are a youth in agriculture and that can count towards your points and work to your advantage.

Take your time
Like most candidates, you will be nervous, at least inside. One result of the burst of
adrenaline can be accelerated speech resulting in mixed and confused words. Think
first then speak. Try to maintain a natural tone.

Control your body language
Body language plays an important role. There are some body movements that can
show that you are nervous, and at the same time can irritate a manager. Try to
avoid them.
During the interview try to sit in a pose that gives you confidence. Look into
person’s eyes while answering the questions. Do not exaggerate your gestures,
because they can look very ridiculous.

Although, the steps listed above is not a textbook step by step method of securing
a job through an interview, they are very important points that can increase your
chances of securing the job exponentially.